Gutter Ball||Samcedes para

Tagging:Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones

Location:All Stars Bowling Alley

Timeframe:Monday Evening 7pm

Notes:Sam meets his wife for their date at the bowling alley thinking the change of venue will act as a buffer for their need for each other.


Sam stood outside the bowling alley waiting for his wife,feeling the chill bite of the wind. For some reason he was nervous which was ridiculous he told himself firmly.His wife, who he was now dating..Truth be told he just wanted her back, wanted to hold her in his arms in their bed late at night, wanted to wake with her in the morning, limbs intertwined with hers after a night of making her see stars on their bedroom ceiling.He missed her so badly it was like a gnawing hole inside him, getting bigger every day that he spent without her. Thanksgiving was around the corner and Sam didn’t feel very thankful at all this year. Like Christmas they had always spent the holiday today..this year would be the first year they had spent it apart since they had both moved to New York.One thing was for sure, he wouldn’t be going back to his parents’ anytime soon. His mother had made her choice, and it was clear to her son, the father he had never met meant more to her than he had ever done.

Catching sight of Mercedes rounding the corner his heart sped up irrationally, the way it always did every time his wife was near. Even after four years of marriage, this reaction had never failed to amaze him.Smiling shyly, he waved, dithering unsure of whether he should hug her or not. To hell with it, he thought suddenly, wrapping his arms around her tightly, it had been too long and he just wanted to feel complete again even if it was only for a couple of seconds. ‘You ok?’ he asked her pulling back, feeling bereft at the emptiness that suddenly engulfed him.

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    Mercedes: For a few moments after the kiss she was speechless, but she was brought out of her haze by the sound of Sam...